Faith Strategies

Faith Strategies is a Faith-based Organization

Speaking to the Media along with a diverse Faith Community decrying Gun and Assault Weapon violence

Working to insure that human, civil and workers rights are promoted throughout the society and in public discourse. ¬†Faith Strategies offers support and strategies for progressive causes that seek to advance worker justice, and advance the security and dignity of ALL God’s people.

  • Towards these ends Faith Strategies has worked with Repairers of the Breach and the Moral Values Revival Movement
  • Supports and works with Contract Workers at National and Dulles airports
  • Supports and works with workers at National airport employed in Concessions and Restaurants
  • Supports and works with RNs at Holy Cross Hospital towards their right to organize and be represented by a union (NNU)
  • Advocates in solidarity with the Native American Community to Change the Name of the Washington Professional Football team
  • Raised the Minimum Wage in Washington, DC.
  • Seeking to Raise the Minimum wage in Montgomery County, Maryland (Fight for $15)
  • Supports Black Lives Matter
  • Progressively works to protect immigrants
  • Advocates for and supports marginalized communities
  • Supports Palestinian Rights and advocates to end the occupation of Palestine
  • Supports the building of affordable senior housing
  • Develops clergy and faith leadership networks so that the faith community can identify meaningful ways to be in solidarity with worker justice, and protect civil and human rights